Easter and Spring Wedding Trends

One of the first things to decide when you’re planning a wedding is what time of the year to get married. Everyone has their own dreams and aspirations about what season they’d like to tie the knot, and if you’re planning a spring wedding, then you may have chosen this to coincide with the popular holiday that is Easter. Easter is a wonderful time of the year observed by many to mark Jesus' resurrection, three days after the Romans had crucified him at Calvary c. Individuals also love to send presents to each other to celebrate this, from floral arrangements to chocolate and other Easter-related gifts. Those that do not practice Christianity celebrate Easter since the word comes from an old German word that means 'east,' which comes from an even older Latin word that translates to dawn. In springtime, Easter is still celebrated, which makes Easter flowers very unique and fresh.


If you’re planning on getting married around Easter time, you may be looking for inspiration for your color schemes, flower arrangements, and even the best wedding venues to look at. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some Easter wedding ideas to help inspire you when planning your wedding.

Top spring flowers for your Easter wedding

It’s only fitting that at a spring wedding you choose flowers that will accompany the season. There are a handful of flowers that are traditionally used during the Easter celebrations that symbolize love and purity which is perfect for a wedding too.

White Lily

Arguably one of the more obvious choices, the white lily is also a very traditional flower seen during the Easter period. This is because it symbolizes love, purity, and hope, and is also used to represent Christ’s resurrection three days after his sacrifice. Lilies are a beautiful flower choice at weddings too, and you might choose to pair lilies with other springtime flowers such as tulips, or, use them alone in your flower arrangement.


The daffodil is an uplifting flower thanks to its bright yellow and white petals, and the flower is often seen when gifted to someone as a token of how much they care about the other person. This could be anything from friendship to love and is the perfect flower choice for your wedding. Because they’re planted in the fall, daffodils are perfect for a spring bridal bouquet or used for centerpieces on tables.


Tulips are wonderful flowers with beautifully rounded petals that range anywhere from white to pink or even yellow, meaning you can tie this in with your color scheme at your wedding. If you’re choosing to go with springtime colors, tulips would be a great way of tying all of your colors together with a stunning flower. Tulips are also an excellent way of saying ‘I love you’ which is extremely fitting for a wedding.


The sweet scent of daisies represents the purity of Easter and is another extremely fitting choice for your wedding flower arrangement. A simple and pure flower such as a daisy will slot in nicely for your bouquet, or work wonderfully as a stand-alone flower for your table centerpieces. Since they’re either white or yellow, they fit in perfectly for a spring floral layout.

Bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is another extremely important choice, and you can choose from a wide array of flowers to carry down the aisle. You could choose alternative spring flowers such as baby’s breath or carnations alongside lilies, daffodils, and tulips. Ultimately, choose a springtime flower that you love the most for the most special day of your life. A florist will be able to help you create your perfect spring bridal bouquet.

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The best wedding venues during spring

While the weather may not be too warm during the springtime, an amazing idea to celebrate your wedding would be to host your ceremony in an outdoor location amongst the beauty of springtime flowers and nature. Here are some ideas to achieve this:

Find a renovated barn and decorate with springtime decorations and flowers for an enchanted wedding ceremony that feels like you’ve stepped right into a book.

If you’d like to get married indoors, try to find a location with floor to ceiling windows to let in as much beautiful natural light and spring colors as possible.

Choose to have your spring wedding photos taken in a beautiful meadow surrounded by lush greenery and spring flowers.

Finally, if you can’t find or decide on springtime venues, remember that you can decorate with spring and Easter themed colors to spruce up any venue!

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