National Men Make Dinner Day


Picture this. She comes home. The house is clean, and dinner is cooked. Everything is warm, and delightful smell is radiating through the house. The table is set, and there is soft music playing in the background. You are standing by the stove with flowers in hand and tell her how breathtaking she looks. She asks where the kids are, and you tell her they are tucked away in bed. Romantic, right?

It is not Valentine’s Day or her birthday. Your anniversary is a month away. She stands there a little confused, worried you have bad news. She asks you and to her surprise you say, “Happy National Men Make Dinner Day, honey.” *Insert a dramatic pause while she takes in the moment. *

Our florists at 1-800-Flowers Winter Park are here to help make November 1st or National Men Make Dinner Day special. Men, make your special someone’s day with dinner and a sweet surprise. Her eyes will light up. She deserves appreciation. Show her how much you care with something almost as beautiful as she is.

Our flower delivery in Maitland is one way you can add romance to the night this National Men Make Dinner Day. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It doesn’t have to be a fancy getaway or something that costs a fortune. All she wants is your time and to know she is loved. Let our flower delivery in Maitland be one way you show her you care.

Don’t wait until National Men Make Dinner Day. Have flowers delivered in Maitland to her any day of the year. Spontaneous flower delivery in Maitland directly to her work or to your home is one way to keep the romance alive. Flower delivery in Maitland is a sweet and thoughtful gesture that remains timeless.

Show her she is loved this National Men Make Dinner Day by showing off your skills in the kitchen and with flower delivery in Maitland.

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