The Best Flowers to Care for This Winter

Just because winter is upon us does not mean that your garden cannot look as beautiful as it does during the summer months. Yes, winter requires a different approach when it comes to your flower choice and flower care, but you can still have a garden that looks incredibly stunning and ticks all of the right boxes.


Some of the options for the winter months include the likes of Chrysanthemums, Winter Jasmine, Lilies, Orchids, and White Roses. When it comes to choosing flowers for the winter period, the best thing you can actually do is choose a florist with care. When you have a good florist, they will be able to advise you on the sort of flowers that will look great in your home throughout this period and they will also give you all of the care advice that you need as well.

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A lot of people think that it does not really matter when flowers are planted or what choices they go for. After all, if they are for sale in a garden center, they must be in season, right? Well, a bit of care and consideration can be the difference between a dull garden and one that is truly thriving.

What are the best flowers to grow in the winter?

You may think that there are not a lot of flowers that flourish in winter, but you’d be wrong! There are plenty of great flowers for this time of year. Violas and pansies are good for mild winter weather. Snowdrops are also highly recommended. Also known as Galanthus, these flowers are characterized by their droopy head, which creates a very elegant appearance.

Another flower that we recommend for the colder months is winter jasmine. This is a medium-sized shrub that has bright yellow flowers, and arching, long branches. While it may not be fragrant, it will add plenty of color to your garden during the winter. If you’re looking for a flower that will bloom when you least expect it, i.e. from the mid to late winter, then we recommend checking out Pieris. This is a shrub that has hundreds and hundreds of flowers that look like mini white bells, which dangle from the fine stems, creating a truly beautiful overall look.

Aside from the suggestions that we have made so far, another plant that is great for the winter months is Camellia. These beautiful evergreen shrubs have lush red, pink, or white flowers that bloom throughout the autumn and the winter months. There are a lot of different varieties of Camellia available, so make sure you read the description carefully when you purchase these flowers for the winter months.

How to care for winter flowers

There are a number of different steps you can take to make sure that your flowers are properly cared for throughout the winter months. One thing you will certainly need to do is alter your watering routine. During the winter months, indoor plants are actually going to need less water. While it is true that the air is dryer during the winter months; plants have a slower growth rate throughout the winter period. In fact, there are some varieties of plants that go fully dormant. As a consequence, less water is required to keep the plants hydrated. If you overdo it, it can result in rotting of the roots. Of course, every plant has different water needs, so this is something you will need to look into depending on the varieties you have in your home.

Another piece of advice when it comes to looking after your plants during the winter months is to follow the sun. Not only do you have a lower number of sunlight hours throughout the winter, but the rays will come in at a lower angle as well. You may need to add supplemental light for your plants or you could need to move them to a part of your house that is brighter. The best place is going to be a window that is either west or south facing and will get plenty of sun throughout the day.

There you have it: an insight into some of the best winter flowers for gifts, home decoration, and winter celebrations. No matter if you’re looking for winter bouquets for your loved ones or you’re looking for the best winter flowers for your garden if you follow the advice that has been provided above you can be sure your winter flowers will flourish.

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